Science of spirituality

9703Ever wondered what all human mind can achieve, well lets ponder!!! We usually think that god possess supernatural power which humans don’t, but have we ever wondered why such an idea even came to human mind, let’s think. Human imagination creates things which they have perceived or felt in the past. Is it possible for humans to have ever perceived gods? For instance the idea of UFO is not just an imagined concept but is claimed to be seen by many across the globe in a similar fashion. With that came the idea of aliens and then as human mind could get enough of it we have so many sci-fi movies flooding the market but that is not my point .So is it possible that our ancestors actually saw or felt god in any way? , well I’m not saying that they did I’m only questioning the same.

Now what are the characteristics of god? Studying gods worldwide, I can come to one conclusion that they all have supernatural powers. So is it possible that anybody with supernatural powers was made a god. Well we all have heard about Lord Krishna resting Govardhan Parvat on his little finger and saving the Braj people, and even that he was born human and died so. Is it possible that Lord Krishna was just a human with supernatural powers? Well there still exist saints who can claim to do supernatural. There are instances when such saints are walking over water or teleport themselves to a new place, or that they can know about their previous incarnation and all these saints are also born humans.  Which means that maybe our ancestors made such people with supernatural power gods? But why would they even come up with the idea of some humans possessing inhumanly power. Maybe they saw them practicing such powers, after all human imagination also needs some ground to start nurturing on .So that means such capabilities exist and humans can achieve them. But what did these saints do that we humans normally do not. We all know that they do practice meditation which trains their brain and maybe help them harness the limits of human mind.

It is said that the only human who could use 20% of his brain power was Einstein, the greatest scientist of our century. If he could talk about Mass changing to Matter with only 20% of his grey matter ,it is not hard to believe that saints who spent their entire life training their mind  can walk on water. Even the reflexes of martial art experts are so fast that human eyes cannot keep up with them; they also begin with meditation as a first step to their training. Meditation is basically training one’s mind and adding mental strength to it. What if you, me could also train our brains, could we also achieve the unachievable. Well that is possible after all we are talking about the power of human mind.

In the end nobody is really questioning the existence of god or is skeptical about their supernatural powers. It was just a thought which resulted in contemplation on many things mentioned above. So we can finally settle various questions by concluding that human mind has the potential to reach to the level which is beyond one’s imagination and I think that’s how the idea of landing on to the moon came into existence. Past experiences of some great people have actually shown us on how to believe in one’s own capabilities and try to achieve something which is beyond reach making every bit of it possible. But did we get answers to all the questions? No, some things are better left unsaid or else it is hard to believe.