The ‘greatest’

A review of books that are my all time favourite. “Soul of a butterfly” and “The greatest” by Muhammad Ali.
Nobody has inspired me more than M Ali. Where People of my age are unaware of this boxing legend he continues to be my hero. After reading these books for almost 25 times i just can’t get it enough. Not just a boxer but man who stood up against racism. There are various things that I have learnt from M Ali.
*To stand for what you belief.

*Biggest education is not what is taught in school or colleges it’s something what you want to learn and it can be only done by observing those people who are good at it.

* learn to love yourself and believe that you are the GREATEST

*Take criticism positively in order to shine,like the brightest star.

* How to destroy the superiority complex and should always be aware of ground realities of earth no matter who you are what you were and what you will be.

*wether you do something or you don’t people will still criticise you you just have to perform your duty given by the god

*real champion is not the one who wins every fight but the one who gets up in-spite all his defeats.

*lastly my fav quote “don’t quit suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

“Soul of a butterfly” and “The greatest” are one of the books that acts as a bridge between M Ali and all his fans. I am one of his fans from india and seriously they are my favourite possessions. I so wish I could travel back in time during 60’s and 70’s where cricket and football was unknown and M Ali was all over on radios and newspapers. No matter how many years go down the drain you will still be the greatest for me.
Who inspire you ?